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Welcome to my new “music” area. Because of the worldwide situation that exists since spring 2020, I was forced to find myself new hobbies. I decided to begin exploring the world of music.

Across the Ocean

On April 2, 2021 one of my big wishes finally became reality. The release of my first project. It is most definitely not my best piece, but it is the start of a new journey.
In addition to the song itself, I also designed the cover art. This single uses several different sound effects to represent the journey of a whale swimming through the oceans of our blue planet. On this journey, our protagonist is watched by a submarine – “visualized” through a deep and repeating ping sound.

I am planning to create more music projects in the future. Maybe even with vocals. Stay tuned! 🙂


My single releases so far:

Maik Ter - Across The Ocean (Debut Single) - music

Across The Ocean – Maik Ter

Release: April 2, 2021

Genre: Ambient, Electronic

Listen on:
Youtube Music


No releases yet.